Interview with Nazir Sacoor, CEO at Longevity Wellness Worldwide


Longevity is world-renowned for its state-of-the-art wellness centres in the Algarve. How important is this location both to the Longevity brand and the delivery of advanced wellness and preventative diagnostics, therapies and programmes?

The Algarve has been positioning itself in a structured and systematised way within the phenomenon of health & wellness tourism due to its natural advantages of an exceptional climate with over 300 days of sunshine per year, a rich, diverse culture, fine coastal beaches and fantastic golf courses combined with two equally important factors: safety and hospitality.

The Longevity concept and brand is boosted by this amazing region to deliver unique programs with solutions of relaxation, revitalisation and regeneration of health, rebalancing body and mind in a holistic way and focusing on disease prevention and maintaining optimal health.

How can the region's tourism industry work together to capitalise on the global wellness tourism movement in terms of positioning and resource?

The wellness tourist motivations and decision making process is much more centered at a product by product level than on a regional wellness reputation, except for very specific examples like Baden Baden in Germany. The region can help individual wellness products by improving year round flight connections and cultural events, roads infrastructure, safety and by fostering a collective promotional effort in the main source markets for wellness tourism such as UK, Benelux, Germany, Middle East and Russian speaking countries.

What attracted Longevity to the 2019 Algarve Tourism Conference and what value does it provide to your business?

As the pioneer in wellness tourism in Portugal and of the main international respected brands in this sector of Health & Wellness Tourism our presence in the 2019 Algarve Tourism Conference was imperative and we could not decline the invitation from the organizing entity. It is an opportunity to share Longevity’s DNA: Wellness.