Conference Organisers Profile: Dengun Digital Group

Miguel Fernandes

Miguel Fernandes

Dengun Digital Group is based in the Algarve, Portugal, specializing in the design and development of awesome web and mobile applications and integrated marketing strategies.

We are obsessed with conversion, constantly on the lookout for new and ground-breaking technologies and methodologies.


Our core team built the first website in 1994 and Dengun became part of the internet history in 2006 and has since aimed to deliver the best digital solutions.

Our experience is based on the gathering of time, projects and clients from different areas and the search for good results. We continuously seek to expand our expertise and everyday shows us there is room for improvement.

We take pride in guiding our first clients still today.


With our feet firm on the ground and minds way high in the sky, we travel together with our clients on the thousand mile journey to a successful product.

Our multidisciplinary team is obsessed with test automation, event based tracking, performance and A/B testing, all are needed to empower our clients to reach their targets. Unless targets are met, we won't rest.


Our clients’ business is our business. We understand the hardship involved in achieving online success and respect them for taking the chance.

We go beyond the mere client/company traditional relationship, considering ourselves true partners.

Ultimately, your success will be our success, and we propose to do it side-by-side throughout the whole process.